Characteristics and technical principle of interactive floor led display

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interactive floor  led display is a new type of digital ground display equipment. Its response takes brand-new digital technology as the core, adopts microcomputer full digital processing, advanced circuit protection equipment and video synchronous control mode, realizes high-resolution soft color display effect, and completes the perfect combination of stage virtual landscape and performance interaction; Strong aluminum alloy die casting support and high strength glass cover.

stage led screen

interactive floor led display features:

1. Quick and flexible installation: it can be installed directly without tools or guide rails

2. High bearing capacity: aluminum alloy structure, high bearing capacity of 1.5t/m2

3. Excellent maintenance performance: it can be replaced directly without removing the adjacent box

4. High contrast design: technical design mask, clear playing effect

5. Excellent low brightness and high grayscale effect, display grayscale uniformity and good consistency

outdoor led screen

Technical principle of full-color LED interactive floor tile screen:

1. The multimedia interactive system consists of image motion capture equipment, data transceiver, data processor and led tile screen

2. The image motion capture device can capture and collect images and motion data of participants

3. The function of data transceiver is to realize motion capture

4. Fast back and forth transmission of data between. Data processor is the core component to realize the real-time interaction between participants and various effects. It analyzes and processes the collected image and motion data, and combines them with the inherent data in the processor.





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