Difference between LED interactive floor tile screen and LED projection floor tile screen ?

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In today's society, once a creative product is released, it will be widely welcomed by the public, such as the previous small spacing LED display, outdoor surface paste LED display and transparent LED display

/Product /, 3dled display screen, etc. of course, once the interactive floor tile screen came out, it immediately aroused people's curiosity. Then what is the interactive floor tile screen and what is the difference between it and the projection floor tile screen? Huamei Jucai will analyze it for you.

Led interactive floor tile screen

LED floor tile screen is an LED display screen specially made for ground display. It is usually specially designed in terms of load-bearing, protective performance, anti fog performance and heat dissipation performance, so that it can adapt to high-intensity trampling, long-term operation and reduce maintenance. It is widely used because it can present changeable and colorful ground colors.

outdoor led screen

Indoor LED floor tile screen

Recently, the LED floor tile screen with interactive function has injected new ideas into this market. Unlike the traditional floor tile screen, which can only play fixed videos according to the predetermined program to meet the performers' performance, the interactive LED floor tile screen can follow the human body's activities to present real-time picture effects according to the human body induction principle, so as to realize the effects such as water ripples and flowers opening under the feet of actors, and create a more beautiful light and shadow effect for performances, weddings and other activities.

Indoor LED interactive floor tile screen

Although the traditional floor tile screen can also achieve similar effects by designing videos in advance, the scene of exhibition activities is often full of uncertainty, and special staff are required to be responsible for the playback and adjustment of videos, which not only consumes a lot of resources, but also can not be timely and accurate. Interactive floor tile screen can solve this problem.    

led video panels

Of course, at present, interactive projection technology can also be used to achieve similar effects. It senses the human body's action with infrared rays and projects dynamic graphics on the ground with a projector. Compared with the interactive led tile screen, the advantage of interactive projection is that its imaging range is not limited to the screen, and the projection range is large. When actors need to be projected on the body, interactive projection has obvious advantages. Of course, when actors do not need imaging, the application of LED floor tile screen is more convenient.

At present, the problem of product homogeneity in the LED display market is becoming increasingly prominent. Enterprises are building their own differentiated advantages through product and application innovation. The emergence of interactive floor tile screen provides a more efficient means for the creative realization of stage performance. It is not only a useful supplement to the current stage display equipment, but also provides a promising market direction for LED display manufacturing enterprises.





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