3.9mm Interactive LED Floor For Shopping Malls
The 160sqm 3.9mm interactive LED floor screen was installed in shopping mall which located in QCC's 700,000 square meters complex. The complex integrated with shopping, leisure and entertainment, catering, social etc, a lof of young people would like to be there especially on the weekend.
500mm x 500mm and 500mm x 1000mm LED floor panels applied for this project; Optical sensors were biult-in the LED floor panels, which can be activated by foot, hand or anything else that placed on the LED floor screen; Multi-touching panel, fast and accurate sensor response ensuring people enjoy real-time interactive experience; Anti-skidding surface make the LED floor screen safe access, people can have funs like walk, run or dance on the LED floor screen freely and safely.
Both indoor and outdoor interactive LED floor screens are available for rental and permanent installations, the options including P2.97mm, P3.91mm, P4.8mm, P5.2mm, P6.25mm and P7.8mm.
The interactive LED floor screens have been widely used for shopping malls, TV studios, museums, retail stores, theme parks, commercial streets, immersive applications, showrooms, children's areas, play zones, wedding parties, festivals, sport events, concert tours etc.





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