PH3.91mm LED Floor Screen For Filming And Video Production Center

Views: 0     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2021-05-12      Origin: Site


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64sqm PH3.91mm LED floor screen was installed in BJ video production center. The floor LED screen working with 80sqm LED wall, forming an immersive space for filming and video productions.

Immersive LED Floor Display 895x535

Immersive space is more and more popular for filming, replacing traditional green background, it's dynamic performance help to achieve creative ideas much easier.

Besides filming and video proiduction, 3.91mm LED floor is also popular for wedding parties, museums, TV studios, theaters, trade shows, convetion centers, fashion shows, restaurants, auto shows, concert tours etc.

The P3.91mm LED floor panels can be used for both rental and permanent installations. IP65 rating is also available, which make it idea for outdoor tough working environment.





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