What is the technology of LED dance floors?

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LED dance floors are available in the market which performs well in this field. These software work on internet and perform by user input combined with web-based data. To design LED dance floors, customer-oriented communication is used which involves media and collaborative process between technology and people. The aim of the LED dance floors is simplicity with unique goals and eye-catching interface.


  • What do you know about LED dance floors?

  • What is the technology of LED dance floors?

  • Where can LED dance floors be used?

What do you know about LED dance floors?

LED dance floors are ideal for attracting customers to have fun and form stronger relationships. They are often made up of activities which are universally appealing and simple to present and are outrageously fun, requiring no equipment.

The LED dance floors are unusual, exciting, and modern. They not only react in real time, but in a unique way can create and send powerful messages by way of advertising, brand re-enforcement and establishing corporate identity.

Imagine for a moment, if you will walk into a fish restaurant, over a swimming pool filled with shimmering water, goldfish swimming through the water and over the restaurant´s logo. Then, as you walk you see ripples in the water, hear the sounds of your footsteps and see the fish darting away from your feet.

Similarly, if you place this system into a corporate function, guests can walk over the pool and corporate logo at the beginning of the even, but part way through the scene changes and the system presents something else.

What is the technology of LED dance floors?

LED dance floors employs state of the art technology to track body movements and gestures. The revolutionary system of LED dance floors has interacting with audio visual effects that create a whole new world of play and entertainment.

LED dance floors are loaded with pressure sensor, capacitive sensor, infrared sensor and other equipment. When people move on them, the sensor can sense the position of people and trigger information feedback to the main controller. Then, the main controller logic judgment output corresponds to display effect.

LED dance floors with the help of infrared induction can track people with the help of infrared induction to track the movement and follow the activities of the human body to present instant picture effect. With the continuous upgrading of display technology, large LED dance floors are playing an important role in the stage performance of musical drama, new product release conference, fashion exhibition, wedding celebration and other stage performances.

The specially processed video source is first played by the special player software in the LED display control computer, DVI/HDMI and other signals are output, connected to the main controller of video signal processing through the signal line, and then connected to the signal distributor through the optical fiber or network cable. The complete picture is allocated and displayed.

How about the development of LED dance floors?

Due to effect of LED dance floors is preset in the single chip computer or computer, simply on the basis of program control output, they do not have any interaction with the people on the stage.

However, with the development of touch technology in recent years, LED dance floors appear to interact with people of light floor tile, meaning new and interesting experience is favored by the market.

The interactive LED dance floors also need to sense, collect and transmit the coordinate information of the interactive point of the interactive audience, so as to locate the interactive point. This is the most important and critical point.

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