5.2mm Indoor Rental LED Floor For Concert Tours
72sqm 5.2mm rental LED floor was used for concert tours in the UK, the LED floor screen and LED wall working together to form an immersive space, which create great visual impact for audiences. 
The LED floor screen was formed by 500x500mm light weight aluminum panel, only 12.5kg per panel; Height adjustable installation feet applied, easy levelling and quick installation, which help to save time and laboring costs; Over 2000kg per square meters weight capacity ensuring the LED floor panel solid enough for auto shows and various rental events with heavy weight loading.

Models of rental LED floor including P2.97mm, P3.91mm, P4.8mm, P5.2mm, P6.25mm and P7.8mm, IP65 rating and interactive functions are available for all of the mentioned models.

Besides concert tours and auto-shows, rental LED floors also popular for product launches, wedding ceremonies, fashion
shows, festivals, trade shows, exhibitions, commercial centers, Arts rooms, TV studios etc.





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