How many kinds of LED displays are there?

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With the development of display technology, the application scope of LED display screen has become wider and wider, and there are many kinds. Whether indoors or outdoors, we can often see LED displays with different shapes. They can also be made into various indoor and outdoor decorations to make the decorations beautiful.

video wall displays

So, what kinds of LED displays are there?

1). According to the application field, LED display can be divided into outdoor LED display and indoor LED display. The main difference between the two displays is that the outdoor LED display has high water and dust resistance and high brightness; The indoor LED display screen is relatively less waterproof and dustproof, and the brightness is relatively dark. 

In addition, the pixel spacing of outdoor LED display screen is generally larger than that of indoor LED display screen, but now the outdoor also begins to develop in the direction of small spacing. 

Presumably, the spacing difference between outdoor and indoor LED display screen will not be too large in the future.

2). According to the pixel spacing, it can be divided into P0.05 95, P1. 26, P1. 583, P2, P2. 5, P3,P3. 81, P3. 91, P4, P5, P6, P6. 67, P8, P10, p16, etc. Generally, LED displays with a point spacing of more than P4 are often used outdoors, while LED displays with a point spacing of less than P4 are often used indoors. 

This is mainly determined by the factors of viewing distance and cost. The viewing distance in the outdoor field is generally relatively far. Even if the pixel spacing is large, it will not affect the viewing effect of video; The indoor viewing distance is relatively close.

 For those with large spacing, the picture will have a "granular" feeling, which will affect the viewing effect. Therefore, the indoor display screen often selects those with small spacing. The other is the cost. Under the same configuration, the smaller the spacing, the more LED beads will be used per square meter, the corresponding electronic components will increase accordingly, and the cost will naturally increase. 

Therefore, without affecting the viewing effect, selecting the LED display screen with larger spacing in the outdoor field is also a way to control the cost.

smd screen

3). According to the commonly used words in the industry, it can be divided into fixed LED display screen, rental LED display screen, creative LED display screen, small spacing LED display screen, LED floor tile screen and so on. 

Fixed LED display screen, that is, the LED display screen that is fixedly installed in one position and will not move for a long time, which can be either outdoor LED display screen or indoor LED display screen; Rental LED display screen, that is, the LED display screen used for frequent rental. 

The main characteristics of this kind of display screen are that it is easy to install, disassemble and carry, the weight of a single box is relatively light, and there are anti-collision protection angles around the box. 

This kind of display screen needs to be installed, disassembled and moved frequently. It is often used in stage performance and translation, fashion shows, exhibitions, temporary advertising, caravan display screen, concerts, evening activities, etc.

Of course, LED display can be divided into many other types according to other methods, such as LED interactive screen, led cube screen, led spherical screen, led pole screen and so on. However, our common classification is still the three mentioned above, and they are often used in the LED display industry. 

Therefore, we come to the conclusion that there are three commonly used classifications and many less commonly used classifications of LED display screens.





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