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  • 2023-07-07
    An LED video floor, also known as an LED video floor display or LED floor screen, is a specialized type of display technology that is used to create visually captivating and interactive experiences on the floor surface. Similar to LED video walls that are mounted on vertical surfaces, LED video floo
  • 2023-07-07
    LED video floors have a wide range of application markets due to their versatility, visual impact, and interactivity. Here are some of the key markets where LED video floors are commonly used:Entertainment Venues: LED video floors are extensively used in entertainment venues such as nightclubs, musi
  • 2022-04-29
    The use of LED display screen is becoming more and more common, but the waterproof function of LED display screen is also our concern, especially for outdoor LED display screen. Do you know the waterproof level of LED display screen shell? The technical engineer of LED display screen manufacturer wi
  • 2022-04-26
    As the darling of outdoor media in the new era - outdoor full-color LED display, thanks to the rapid development of outdoor advertising, it is growing rapidly at a rate of more than 25% every year. With their vivid and real visual experience, outdoor full-color interactive LED floor has become an in
  • 2022-04-22
    With the development of display technology, the application scope of LED display screen has become wider and wider, and there are many kinds. Whether indoors or outdoors, we can often see LED displays with different shapes. They can also be made into various indoor and outdoor decorations to make th
  • 2022-04-21
    The interactive LED floor tile screen is named because it displays the picture on the ground like a ceramic tile. Its main application scenarios are bars, shopping malls and other entertainment places. So, why are led tile screens mainly installed in bars and shopping malls? Can they be installed in
  • 2022-04-20
    LED floor tile screen this product is widely used in stage display, commercial application, store decoration and other directions through innovative design. The emergence of interactive floor tile screen provides a more novel expression method for various performance creative design, which is a bene
  • 2022-04-04
    We began to worry that our LED display interactive LED floor was exposed to sunlight and rain. Baptized in the next rain, are you okay? Whether it can survive? The indoor and outdoor display screens have waterproof and moisture-proof LED display screens and interactive led floors. If the waterproof
  • 2022-03-25
    At this stage, whether the display terminal can accurately present the collected data on the display wall in a timely manner is very important, which is directly related to the rationality of the decision-making of the superior department. In order to meet the needs of the market, the technicians of
  • 2021-08-01
    At present, there are many kinds of LED displays, and new products derived in recent years have led to the development of new industries, such as LED glass screen, LED transparent screen, LED interactive screen, LED floor tile screen and so on. New products drive the development of new industries, s
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