LEDCOMS Launched 2.97mm Interactive LED Video Floor Screen

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LEDCOMS launched P2.97mm high definition interactive LED video floor screen, which help people to have better interactive and immersive experience.

LED Floor_1321

Interactive floor LED screens have been used for shopping malls, TV studios, night clubs, trade shows, exhibitions, auto shows, concert tours, sports centers, museums, play zones, showrooms, children's areas, restaurants, theatres, wedding ceremonies, fashion shows, convention centers, private parties, citizen squares, plazas; Interactive LED video floor screens also more and more popular for immersive applicaions like filming, TV productions, theme parks, game centers.

Immersive Applications 03

Features of the P2.97mm interactive LED video floor screen:

1) The LED floor panels with built-in optical sensors, which can be activated by foot, hand or anything else that placed on the interactive LED floor screen. 

2) Multi-touching panel ensuring accurate tracking and real-time interactive experience.

3) Matt mask, no reflection, super contrast ratio; UV resistance and wear resistance mask material applied, great reliability even in outdoor tough working environment.  

4) High-strength, weight capacity of the LED floor tiles exceed 2,000kg per square meters.

5) Anti-skidding screen surface, safe for people to move or dance on the LED floor screen.


As a professional LED video floor screen supplier and solution provider, LEDCOMS has launched P2.97mm, P3.91mm, P4.81mm, P5.2mm, P6.25mm, P7.8mm, P8.9mm indoor and outdoor interactive LED video floor screens for rental and permanent installations. 





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